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 Couples Therapy

Connecting with another person is exciting and difficult.

  • You each have your own history
  • You each have your own view of the world

Finding the "perfect partner" does not mean you will ensure a rich and satisfying relationship.
Joining as a happy, successful couple means working together at co-creating the lives you both want.

Feeling safe, respected and confident enough to express your true self are the cornerstones of a healthy connection.

  • Joyful and fun relationships are not just found but created
  • I believe you chose each other for valid reasons which you may have lost sight of.
  • I believe working on the emotional/sexual experience of being "in love" is the
    purpose of couples therapy

Couples therapy can greatly benefit:

  • Couples feeling stuck with the wrong partner
  • Relationships that have gone through the pain of an affair or separation
  • Couples experiencing sexual issues
  • Couples feeling despair over the loss of love
  • Couples feeling stagnant or bored
  • Couples having difficulty getting along
  • Pre-marital couples; planning to wed, deciding whether marriage is the right step or questioning whether this is a good match

In couples therapy I will:

  • Help you communicate effectively
  • Teach you skills to explore your relationship
  • Give you tools to build the life together you truly desire

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