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   Addiction Therapy

Addiction is definable, identifiable and treatable.

  • There are simple tests to determine the type and severity of addiction
  • There are treatment approaches designed to address your particular addiction issues

Addiction is common.

  • Left untreated, issues of addiction impact your life in a negative way
  • Prevention, early detection and treatment are the most effective ways to cope with the problems of addiction
  • Together we can discuss your concerns and put together an individual plan of action to deal with your specific needs

Addiction affects you physically and mentally; therefore effective treatment must address both components of the problem.

  • As a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC II), I can give you tools to combat your addiction
  • As a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist (Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology, Diplomat, American Board of Sexology), I can give you strategies to cope particular sexual issues
  • My training in Mental Health issues (Master's in Mental Health Counseling) allows me to address any underlying issues which compound addiction



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