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I am a doctoral level psychotherapist practicing in Seattle, Washington, a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist and a Certified Addiction Specialist. As an adjunct to my practice, I lecture in Universities, treatment centers and private groups. In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I hosted a daily talk show on KIRO Radio. I was a reporter for NWCN (a 24 hour news channel) and hosted a segment for KIRO TV. I design educational computer games for children.

In my practice I use a multidisciplinary approach to help you increase awareness of behavior patterns which inhibit personal growth and development.

Amy AlpinePhilosophy: Therapy is an effective tool used to uncover behavior patterns or beliefs inhibiting personal fulfillment. Therapy provides you with skills you can use to improve the quality of your life. You deserve a life of happiness.

Practice: I use innovative techniques tailored to your specific needs. I am a solution-oriented therapist. I use a flexible treatment strategy based on your personal progress in therapy.

Who: I work with individuals, couples, groups and families.

What: I work with people who have varying needs. I suggest we discuss your specific goals personally. I want you to have a positive therapeutic experience. I will refer people to other practitioners if I feel their needs will be better met elsewhere.

Appointments: I generally meet with you once a week. Please call me to discuss appointment times and fees.

The Goal: Moving you through the therapeutic process briefly and successfully. Developing a personal strategy for you to lead a happy and productive life.


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